When the purpose of a thing is unknown, the abuse is inevitable. God was the first to dress man when man was not well dressed. Genesis 3:7, 21. The primary purpose of dress is to cover nakedness. Some dresses that are only good for bedrooms are now worn on our streets.

The design of such dresses does not accomplish the real purpose of dressing. These same things were condemned by God through Prophet Isaiah. Commercial sex workers are known with certain dressing styles to boost their trade but it is unfortunate that many have taken to such forms of dressing in the name of modernization.

This has led to sexual harassment of many youths in nowadays. There is a strong relationship between what we see and what we think. Our dressing must not induce the unbeliever’s thoughts in others that see us, especially unrighteous.


We are the light of the world. Any form of dressing likely to excite people sexually should not be worn by a Christian, especially in public places.

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